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Conversion Of Sony Alpha A7RII or A7SII to Full Spectrum


This is the cost of a Full Spectrum conversion of your own Sony A7RII or A7SII camera, the price includes, checking the camera before conversion, carrying out the conversion, re-calibrating the back focus, so all lenses will focus to infinity. [This is normally set so a Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8 lens focuses just past infinity.]  Unusually for a Full Spectrum Conversion the sensor cleaning function on the A7II Series remains active as the whole sensor is shaken. The A7RII and A7SII  are not recommended for serious Astro photography if exposures longer than 30s at 3200iso are anticipated because there is a very low level IR contamination of the image at exposures longer than this. It really only applies to TRACKED ASTRO shots where exposures of several minutes are common. Normal Milky Way type shots are not affected as these do not require such high iso's normally.
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