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Address: Woody Bay House 9 Fishers, St lawrence, Ventnor, Isle of Wight. PO38 1UU


   Tel: 01983 852966




nex 5n loxia

Please contact me if you have any specific queries or requests regarding Infrared or Full Spectrum Camera Conversions.

If you are sending a camera for infrared or full spectrum conversion, I only need the bare body with a body cap, no battery or other accessories please. Pack the camera carefully and send it to;

Alan Burch

Woody Bay House

9 Fishers

St lawrence


Isle of Wight

PO38 1UU

You can either order and pay here on the website using the Shop, or I can send a PayPal Invoice link to you when the camera arrives, but please make sure I have your email address.

If you are sending a camera from outside the United Kingdom, please contact me beforehand to arrange customs declaration details as I will not under any circumstances pay UK import fees, which should not be necessary anyway, if the camera is going to be re-exported.

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