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ZWB2+ QB39 UV Pass Filter Set

ZWB2+ QB39 UV Pass Filter Set

This is a very versatile and economic pair of Chinese made filters, which when used together pass just UV, so can be used for general UV reflectance photography of subjects like Sunscreen application etc. They are not as efficient as the single German made Baader U filter, requiring approx. 1-2 stops more exposure, but that can often be accounted for by raising the camera's ISO setting. Exposures in full sunlight are just about hand holdable at 3200-6400iso with this pair when using a UV Capable lens such as the ones listed in the shop.

The filters can also be used individually, the QB39 on it's own will give almost perfect normal colour reproduction when used on a full spectrum camera with a Custom White Balance. Unlike most UV/IR Cut Filters, the QB39 is an absorption type filter, rather than an interference type , the QB39 will work effectively with any focal length lens and give an even colour even at the corners.

The ZWB2 filter also can used used on it's own, it will pass mainly IR above about 800nm, but also some Blue, Violet and UV, this yields an interesting image straight from the camera with light grey foliage and deep blue/violet skies, which look very frosty. See the examples above for the different effects this set can acheive. Use the drop down menus to select size and if you want the pair or each individually, although there is a significant saving buying the pair.

Please Note, the QB39 filter is particularly prone to surface oxidisation and as such has a limited shelf life. Once all the stock I have is exhausted and the clean ones are sold, I will not stock them and they will only be available to special order.


    * Please Select Special Delivery Option at the checkout for £1000 insurance cover for UK delivery. International Deliveries can only be insured for £250.

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