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ZB2 - UV, Blue and IR Pass Filter [BG3 Equivalent]

ZB2 - UV, Blue and IR Pass Filter [BG3 Equivalent]

This Chinese made ZB2 Filter equivalent to a BG3 is an interesting Multi Bandpass filter that with little or no post processing can produce very attractive false colour infrared images as can be seen in the above examples. Like the very expensive, but excellent, Kolarivision IR Chrome filter, the ZB2 images are rich in colour straight from the camera. With the ZB2 skies tend to be a Blue/Violet colour and foliage bright yellow straight from the camera, but with just a slight Hue shift in almost any photo editing software you can make the sky look fairly natural and foilage looks browny gold.

The ZB2 can also be used for Black and White IR work, with a simple conversion to BW in post processing.

One further interesting aspect of this filter is that it exhibits much less pronounced hot spot issues than normal. Lenses that are unsuitable for normal IR and especially false colour work are almost completely free from hot spots.

Finally it can also be used in conjuction with a QB39 to produce UV Photos as shown in the example above with the reddish daisy.


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