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Baader U Venus UV Filter - Remounted in 49mm Mount.

Baader U Venus UV Filter - Remounted in 49mm Mount.

The Baader U Venus filter is the best UV pass filter available, this specially adapted 49mm Baader U Venus UV passing filter is the latest version, which appears to produce more intense colour than the old and does not seem to require to be reversed for photography. The filter passes only a band of UV from approx 320nm upto 380nm with a peak at 350nm, it has special coating that almost completely supresses any IR. In comparison to the two filter combinations [UG11+BG39], the Baader U lets about double the amount of UV through, which allows hand held UV photography albeit at quite high ISO's. This Re-mounted Version is a Baader U filter just remounted in a plain 49mm Mount, please note the new version appears Bluish on the front surface and yellowish on the rear as shown in the photos of the remounted version on a UV Capable 35mm f/3.5 lens here.


On request it can be supplied in the original 48mm mount.






    * Please Select Special Delivery Option at the checkout for £1000 insurance cover for UK delivery. International Deliveries can only be insured for £250.

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