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UV Canon EOS R100 Camera, UV Lens and UV Pass Filter Outfit

UV Canon EOS R100 Camera, UV Lens and UV Pass Filter Outfit

This is a full kit for UV photography consisting of a Full Spectrum Converted Canon EOS R100, with a UV Capable 35mm f/3.5 M42 Mount lens Kit with Macro Helicoid Mount, Stepping Ring plus Remounted 49mm Baader U Filter. These are used 1960's era lenses that just happen to be remarkably good in UV, although they are often well used, they are all cleaned and tested.

The Baader U Venus filter included in this kit is the best UV pass filter available, this specially adapted 49mm Baader U 365nm UV passing filter is the latest version, which appears to produce more intense colour than the old and does not seem to require to be reversed for photography. The filter passes only a band of UV from approx 320nm upto 380nm with a peak at 350nm, it has special coating that almost completely supresses any IR. In comparison to the two filter combinations [UG11+BG39], the Baader U lets about double the amount of UV through, which allows hand held UV photography albeit at quite high ISO's. This Re-mounted Version is a Baader U filter just remounted in a plain 49mm Mount.


This complete outfit consisting of a Full Spectrum Converted Canon EOS R100, UV Capable lens kit with the Baader U filter and a UV/IR Cut Filter will combine to produce excellent UV photography, both still and video, but also normal colour for comparison using the included UV/IR Filter instead of the Baader U. The optional Canon R 18-45mm lens which, although not as UV transmissive as the 35mm f/3.5 UV capable lens, kit is ideal for video/stills of sunscreen application especially with the  ease of  auto focus and exposure even in UV. The 35mm lens will record down to about 320nm, whereas the 18-45 Zoom will only record down to about 360nm, but this is good enough for sunscreen application work.


Use the drop down menu to select the lens required.


The optional lens [Drop Down Menu] - Canon RF-S 18-45mm Lens is excellent in IR and surprisingly not too bad in UV, good enough for sunscreen application work with a UV Passing filter - See EOS R100 UV Kit. The lens is almost entirely free of IR Hot Spots at any aperture and gives very good edge to edge sharpness, BUT it has an internal LED [in the lens] which leaves sun flare like artifacts on images at exposure longer than about 1 second at certain focal lengths and focus positions. It will not be a problem for 99% of images in daylight, but would show in some night shots in IR, UV or Visible light. This problem is not uncommon with quite a few Canon RF and RF-S lenses, the camera itself has no internal LED problems at all and Canon EF and EF-S lenses used on a suitable lens adaptor have no problems on the R series full spectrum converted cameras, nor does the UV Capable 35mm f/3.5 lens.






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  • Condition

    Camera Body, Helicoid Adaptor and Filters New

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