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Sony A7R for Full Spectrum or IR Conversion

Sony A7,A7R, A7S Conversion to Full Spectrum or IR Wavelength Options

This is the cost of a Full Spectrum, H-Alpha or IR conversion of your own Sony A7, A7S or A7R camera, the price includes, checking the camera before conversion, carrying out the conversion, re-calibrating the back focus, so all lenses will focus to infinity. [This is normally set so a Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8 lens focuses just past infinity.]


    Select Menu for IR Conversion Wavelength Options >>>>>

    Full Spectrum Add £0.00

    IR Conversions Add £60.00

    H-Alpha Conversions Add £80.00


    * Please Select Special Delivery Option at the checkout for £1000 insurance cover for UK delivery. International Deliveries can only be insured for £250.

  • Instructions for Sending a Camera for Conversion

    I only need the bare body, no batteries or anything else, ship it to;

    Alan Burch
    Woody Bay House
    9 Fishers
    St Lawrence
    Isle of Wight
    PO38 1UU.

    The turnaround time is normally 2-3 days.

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